What are the 8 foods that cause constipation?

Constipation is a disease that can cause many diseases. We can protect ourselves from many diseases by improving our overall health with a balanced diet and physical activity. If we eat a poor diet or don’t exercise, our chances of getting sick increase.

If you suffer from constipation problem, you may have difficulty passing stool. Due to this, the stool becomes hard. If you have less than three bowel movements in a week, you are suffering from this disease. For a better treatment of constipation, you can visit any online medical store.  

Many foods can also cause constipation. Apart from this, some medicines, drinks, and supplements also cause this disease. We know the foods we should avoid to avoid constipation;

Foods that cause constipation

Do you also consume foods that cause constipation? These foods may be;

Raw bananas

Bananas that are not ripe can cause constipation. Green bananas are full of starch, which is difficult to digest. Children and adults can have this problem if they use too much nail polish. If you buy unripe or green bananas, wait for them to ripen before using them.

Bubble gum is chewing gum

Often we teach our children about the dangers of chewing gum and bubble gum. If we use chewing gum, it can also have negative effects on our health. We may have difficulty in digestion due to this. Children under the age of five should not use chewing gum.

When chewing gum loses its taste, it is more likely to be swallowed. If we swallow chewing gum, it can cause constipation.


Gluten may not be right for some people. A person with indigestion and frequent constipation should talk to their doctor. Because it can also be caused by gluten products.

If we eliminate gluten from the diet, bowel movements can be improved. Celiac disease, an immune disorder, should also avoid gluten.

White rice

White rice can cause constipation for you. But if you use brown rice. They contain a good amount of fiber and protein. If white rice causes constipation, brown rice can help relieve it. Also, overall they are considered healthy.

Therefore, brown rice should be included in the diet to get relief from constipation.

Red meat

Due to the high iron content in this meat, you may become constipated. Also, it can lead to gastrointestinal problems due to other reasons. Beef contains protein fibers. They are difficult to digest. 

For this reason, red meat should be consumed in moderation. Also, people who suffer from this problem should avoid it.

White flour means flour

For us, like white rice, white flour also causes constipation. It is high in starch. Also, it is low in fiber, which can make you prone to intestinal problems. We should avoid these foods to improve our overall health.

If you are also worried due to the disease of constipation, then you can visit any online pharmacy.

Dairy products

Cheese, yogurt, and milk are good sources of calcium and vitamins. If we consume them in excess, it can lead to digestive problems. Lactose content in dairy products also causes gas. So using anything can cause harm to you.

Fast food

Fatty burgers and fried food can cause problems for you. Beef in them can also aggravate your constipation problems.

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