Six stages to downsizing

Decluttering is beneficial, you can think clearly,Stress drops and concentration increases. You’re motivated,fewer chores and Hoarders ultimately love their space.

Six-step decluttering

Here are six life-cleaning steps.

  1. Declutter with a purpose.

Why declutter? Money-saving? Minimalist? Are your passions free? Home improvement? Get a side gig?

Why are you decluttering? Clarify. Visualize your future in the present tense.

My home is tidy. Meaningful and valuable things motivate and uplift me. I’m refreshed and ready each morning. I adore home peace. “

  1. Rules

Decluttering pushes you to face everything you own, everything you bought but never used, and everything in your closet for years.

Make discarding easier by establishing guidelines. Consider things you never use. Ex:

  • Dispose of hand-wash-only plates if you have a dishwasher.
  • Don’t go? They sell dry-clean-only clothes.
  • Plastic cups, bowls, and containers should be tossed if you prefer glass.
  • Donate or sell old clothes.
  • Limit your books, shoes, and craft supplies.
  • Sweaters are cozy. In Georgia, three sweaters were enough.

This rule helped me reduce my belongings and avoid buying more clothes. Savings

Answer these questions to declutter.

You may encounter a problematic item when sorting. Think:

“Know this?”


“Am I retaining this out of obligation or because I like it?”

Take a photo and give away sentimental items. The photo allows you to recall the object without keeping it.

Forgive yourself for buying something you never used and thank the object for teaching you what you enjoy.

Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” taught me this. It reduces spending guilt.

“Does this social media follower energize and make me happy or bring me down and question my self-worth?”

Last, but not least, is digital-specific. Positive people and accounts Unfollow what drags you down or hampers your dreams.

  1. Focus

Your stuff took years to collect. Overnight? Avoid overwhelm by tackling one issue at a time.


  • Start with food and pantry items, then appliances, gadgets, and utensils.
  • Start with closet clothes, then dresser drawers, shoes, and accessories.
  • One social media app at a time. Spend a day on Instagram. Facebook
  1. Sort in four different ways.

Things look chaotic until they’re arranged, whether it’s a matter of space or money. Imagine your bed and floor covered in clothes. Your home looks tornado-damaged.Keep, sell, donate, or throw away.

Follow your instincts. Keeping or tossing anything shouldn’t take long.) If you linger on something, review Steps 2 and 3.

6.Set accountability goals.

“No plan, no objective” Similarly, decluttering Set SMART deadlines for

Two examples:

  • Smart clutter-reduction targets
  • I’ll clean my kitchen on Monday. On Friday, I’ll clean my fridge, freezer, pantry, and appliances and kitchenware on Saturday and Sunday. I’ll donate everything on Monday night. “

7.SMART budgeting

“Saturday, I’ll automate my bills. I’ll create a budget and link my accounts to keep track of everything. My former 401(k)s will become IRAs on Sunday. “

8.Organize list

Decluttering is stressful. Anyhow, start. Free “declutter your life” checklist

Image here

Check off as many items as possible on this checklist. You’ll be amazed at how much space you’ve made in your life and mind.

Here are some decluttering checklist categories:


  • Organize (closet, dresser drawers, accessories, shoes, etc.)
  • kitchen (pantry and food items, gadgets, and kitchenware).
  • Bathroom (toiletries, shower, towels, and washcloths).
  • Office (desk, filing cabinet, paperwork, storage closet)
  • weather (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • Wastebaskets
  • Attic, basement, lockers
  • Spielzeug (toys, clothes, strollers, car seats, accessories)
  • enjoyable (books, movies, board games, etc.)
  • Old technology (cell phones, laptops, smartwatches, etc.)


  • Facebook friendship
  • Uninstall old apps.
  • Google Photos and iCloud can store photos.
  • Persona
  • Reject unsatisfactory opportunities.This might be a career that doesn’t match your passions or time with old buddies.


  • Rollover 401(k)
  • Pay bills (if it makes sense for your situation).
  • So you can save money and pay bills in your sleep.
  • So you can connect all your accounts and see them in one place.
  • Shred outdated documents and go paperless.
  • Emotionally, spend less.
  • Financially, goal-set

De-cluttering inspiration?

These quotes will help you declutter (it won’t happen overnight).

  • “Perfection is overrated.” Sandberg
  • “Every minute you waste searching through clutter, worrying where you put something, or being unable to focus because you’re unorganized costs you time with family, friends, or making money.” Jean-Chatzky
  • “Life-edit frequently. Magnificent! ” Nathan Morris

Benefits of decluttering

  • Decluttering increases money.
  • Organizing is difficult. It’s valuable. When my finances improved, I decluttered.
  • It made room in my home, head, and wallet so I could save for a cross-country move.
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