Falcon Silver EHR Software For Nephrology Practices

Falcon Silver EHR Software is a Cloud-based specialty-specific EMR system for nephrology practices. Available for use by Nephrology Healthcare providers across the US, Falcon Silver EHR software offers detailed patient information, including lab results, allergies and complications. It is the perfect choice for nephrologists looking to streamline their practice operations.


Falcon Silver EHR Software is a Cloud-based EMR solution that is specifically designed for nephrology practices. Its comprehensive functionality allows healthcare professionals to keep a quick overview of each patient’s medical history, allergies, and lab results. This system is available to Nephrology Healthcare providers in the US.

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Falcon Silver

The Falcon Silver ehr service is an electronic health record service for medical practices. The Silver level includes certain ancillary services that may be offered to users in addition to the electronic health record. This service may expose the Company to Protected Health Information (“PHI”). Falcon will provide information security policies to protect the confidentiality of PHI, which include procedures and records relating to the treatment, management, and billing of health information.

The software includes nephrology-specific IT tools that doctors can access on their mobile devices. This software was designed in collaboration with Epic to help providers treat chronic kidney disease and improve patient care. The software also integrates Epic’s Universal Technology Program to help improve the accuracy of treatment and monitoring for patients. The Falcon Silver EHR software allows physicians to track patient lab results and access patient information with just a name search.

The Falcon Silver EHR is flexible and customizable, so it is able to accommodate the workflows of different specialty practices. However, when it is loaded with information, the software may slow down. Other features of the software include a therapy portal, which allows patients to schedule appointments and engage with physicians. It also supports the billing process, which includes insurance eligibility verification, submitting claims, and collecting payment.

To log in to the Falcon Ehr Davita login, users should first provide their email address, a phone number, and a password. In addition, they should enter their name, date of birth, and gender.

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DaVita Kidney Care

DaVita is a Fortune 500 company that offers kidney care and education to patients. Its facilities are ranked among the safest in the nation. Unlike other dialysis facilities, DaVita uses the latest technology in order to provide the best care to patients. DaVita Falcon Silver ehr is equipped with new technology that helps physicians monitor and analyze patient data. It has an integrated patient portal that allows physicians to access patient information, review orders, and review Cureatr text messages.

DaVita’s five-star quality rating system places the company far ahead of its competitors. The company has the highest percentage of four-star centers and is the leader in the ESRD Quality Incentive Program. The company also has more than half of its dialysis centers ranked in the top clinical performance tier.

In 2009, DaVita introduced its Falcon Physician EHR system to help nephrologists track and improve clinical quality. Since then, it has evolved to include other EHR tools. DaVita and Epic are now developing an EHR specifically for CKD, aiming to improve nephrologists’ participation in quality reporting programs and improve population health management. DaVita’s advanced nephrology EHR will help nephrologists better manage patients and reduce the number of unintended health consequences.

DaVita plans to implement Epic Systems’ EHR in its kidney care centers, replacing its Falcon Platinum EHR system. The new system will be integrated with Epic’s Care Everywhere network and will include its CKD-specific chronic care EHR platform.

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