5 Factors to Consider When Buying Running Shoes

There are many factors that go into running. These include biomechanics, weight, and the surface on which you run. When it comes to selecting the perfect running shoes, there are many options available. Below is a list of factors to consider. The best running shoes will help you stay comfortable, move smoothly, and improve your performance.

Stability devices

Stability devices in running shoes help the foot stay stable during motion. They are usually placed in the midsole and are made of materials that are denser than the rest of the midsole. They can be made of thermoplastic urethane or carbon fiber. Their size, shape, and density are important in determining their stability. Stability shoes can help control overpronation and prevent the foot from rolling inward.

Stability running shoes also provide a good amount of support for the midsole, shielding the body from the impact of running. Many of these shoes also feature a medial post, a harder foam feature in the middle of the shoe designed to counter overpronation. Some models also have guide rails for proper alignment. Stability running shoes should also have good arch support to avoid pain and fatigue. Also, a deep heel cup is an important feature, as it prevents the heel from rolling out.


Cushioning in running shoes is an important feature for runners. It helps absorb shock and give a spring to your step. However, too much cushioning can be detrimental for runners. A good rule of thumb is that if you can feel any bend in the arch of the shoe, it probably does not have enough cushioning.

Cushioning is usually provided by the midsole. This part of the shoe is made of lightweight foam such as Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA), which helps the shoe absorb forces. Some shoes even have dual-density midsoles, which feature a softer outer foam than the inner foam.

Guide rails

Guide rails are a revolutionary support system that integrates into the midsole of running shoes. These rails help the foot and knee work in sync to help you maintain an optimal running gait. They reduce excess shin and heel rotation and limit calcaneal shifting to keep your knees within a safe range.

Guide rails work by guiding foot motion by wrapping from the midsole under the foot to the side of the upper. Like bumpers on a bowling alley, they help runners achieve a more natural gait. Support oriented runners and neutral runners can benefit from this feature. The smaller the rail, the less movement the calcaneal bone has to make.

Metal needle spikes

If you’ve ever run on asphalt or concrete, you’ll remember the gratifying sound of metal spikes. Not only does the noise bring back vivid memories, but it also brings back the smell of sweat and burning muscles. Not to mention, the roar of the crowd. Not only are metal spikes beautiful to look at, but they also have some important advantages.

There are many different types of athletic spikes and what is best for you will depend on your goals and the type of event you’re participating in. For example, if you’re competing in a marathon, you’ll probably want a spike plate that offers aggressive traction. On the other hand, if you’re training for a mile race, a spike plate that’s less aggressive will be more effective.

Stack height

Stack height is a crucial component of running shoes, and should be considered carefully when purchasing your new pair. It can range from almost barefoot to maximally cushioned. In general, a higher stack height means more cushioning, while a lower stack height means less cushioning. However, because foams and materials vary, stack height is not always an accurate representation of firmness.

A running shoe’s stack height is important because it can make or break the comfort and feel underfoot. Stack height is commonly measured at Running Warehouse. If you know how to find the stack height, you can prioritize the shoes accordingly.


When it comes to running shoes, insoles can make a big difference. Insoles are not only important for cushioning, but also for proper alignment. You can find insoles that are designed to fit a specific foot arch and provide great support. There are different types of insoles, so choosing the right one can make the difference between comfort and pain.

Superfeet Green insoles are made of recycled materials and have an odor-fighting coating. They provide arch support and shock absorption, and are especially good for women. Their low-profile design makes them ideal for hard surfaces.

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