Aera Technology Enables Businesses to React to Rapid Change

Aera’s Cognitive Operating System

Aera’s Cognitive Operating System is an AI-driven platform that understands the business processes of an organization and makes recommendations and predictions in real time. It is able to do this using proprietary data crawling, industry models, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. This allows the platform to continuously learn from data and build a digital memory of the organization.

Aera’s Cognitive Operating System integrates data, orchestrates automation, and engages people in a holistic environment. It also provides prepackaged capabilities called Aera Cognitive Skills, which augment human decision-making for specific business use cases. In addition, it includes a comprehensive development environment called Aera Developer, which allows users to modify and customize the Cognitive Skills.

The Aera platform enables enterprises to create a self-driving business model. It provides a set of basic algorithmic models and lets companies build on them by customising their skills. This AI platform was originally developed for the largest enterprises, but today it is available to a broad range of companies.

Aera’s Cognitive Operating System integrates AI, machine learning, and data science functions into a cloud-based platform. It can automate decision-making across areas of the enterprise. It can even propose decisions and explain them to human operators. Its AI-powered solutions enable more effective and creative work by augmenting human decisions.

Aera’s Cognitive Skills

Aera Technology’s Cognitive Skills are AI-powered apps that augment human decision-making across a variety of business processes. They are enabled by Aera’s decision-cloud, which provides real-time insights and recommendations for business decision-making. This cloud-based platform also allows for the creation of custom Cognitive Skills that address the specific needs of a given business. As a result, businesses are able to leverage AI-powered artificial intelligence to automate business processes and optimize their performance.

The Aera platform enables companies to capitalize on the benefits of Cognitive Automation and rethink their organizational models and systems to support their digital transformation. Cognitive automation is an essential key to unlocking the future. The company is based in Mountain View, Calif., and has already implemented its platform to meet the needs of early adopters.

Aera’s Cognitive Workbench provides an intuitive interface to deliver prioritized recommendations. It incorporates the AI-powered Cognitive Skills to provide recommendations based on context and trade-offs. It also maintains a comprehensive record of decisions made by users. This allows the system to continuously learn and act autonomously.

Aera Technology’s Cognitive Skills can automate tasks in a variety of industries. The company’s developers can customize cognitive skills by using Aera Developer, which is a self-service integrated development environment designed specifically for Cognitive Automation at scale. Aera Developer is a powerful platform that integrates Data, Science, Process, and Change, providing all the capabilities necessary to build Cognitive Skills.

Bristlecone’s AI-powered application transformation services

With its AI-powered application transformation services, Aera Technology is empowering organizations to respond to the rapid changes in the business world. The company’s scalable platform integrates with existing systems to execute business decisions in real time. Its AI-powered platform is available for both large and small organizations, and helps businesses react to change more efficiently. Aera Technology’s partner ecosystem includes third-party data services.

Aera’s Cognitive Operating System is cloud-based, augmenting decision-making through data crawling, machine learning, and industry-specific models. It also executes complex business decisions. As the world continues to become more global, companies and organizations are turning to decision intelligence to increase their agility and response times to daily changes.

The Aera Cognitive Operating System is a comprehensive platform that integrates data, orchestrates automation, and engages users. It also provides prepackaged capabilities to augment decision making for specific business use cases. In addition, Aera Developer is a comprehensive integrated development environment for the platform.

To truly leverage the power of AI, organizations must first develop an enterprise-wide digital foundation and train AI on unique data. A digital transformation cannot be delayed, and companies that do it early will gain a competitive edge. Successful AI programs require adapting workflow processes, capabilities, and culture. As a result, companies that invest in AI services will see higher sustained performance and greater resilience to market volatility.

Pascal Bornet as Chief Data Officer

Pascal Bornet has been appointed as the Chief Data Officer of Aera Technology. He brings over two decades of experience and thought leadership in AI to the company, and will help Aera’s global customers realize the full benefits of its Cognitive Operating System. Aera is currently raising $80 million in Series C funding from investors including DFJ Growth, Georgian Partners, and NewView Capital.

Bornet’s background is in AI and robotics. He has worked with global companies, founding and leading their Intelligent Automation practices. He is also a contributing member of the Institute for Robotic Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence, where he served as a senior advisor.

New AI/MLOps developer capabilities

Whether you’re working with AI or machine learning (ML) systems, you’ve probably encountered the challenges of running them. Models can vary widely in complexity, which affects costs and storage requirements. In addition, more complex models require more time to load and compute. Using an AI/ML platform that enables you to automate these processes can help you achieve faster AI deployment and more efficient ML system management.

MLOps is a growing trend in software engineering that is based on DevOps. Its aim is to enable a collaboration between IT operations and software development teams. It eliminates data silos and makes it easier for operations professionals to share and coordinate resources. This approach can also help organizations align their Machine Learning (ML) models with business needs and regulatory requirements.

Aera Technology has recently announced new AI/ML developer capabilities. The new features extend the capabilities of the Aera Decision Cloud platform. The new features include autoML, which lets developers create and manage ML decision models without the need for data science expertise. It also automates deployment, monitoring, and versioning of machine learning models. Furthermore, new features such as Confidence Score enable developers to create automated decision flows.

The new AI/MLOps developer capabilities will enable Aera customers to leverage the capabilities of AI/ML developers with the data and analytics teams. The new tools can make it easier for them to deploy ML models with less time and money.

Collaboration with Microsoft

Aera Technology has announced a new collaboration with Microsoft to provide next generation connected IoT solutions. This new technology combines Microsoft’s Azure Digital Twins service with Aera’s Cognitive Operating System. The combined technologies enable enterprises to create next generation connected IoT solutions by modeling the real world. Aera’s Cognitive Operating System can analyze large amounts of transactional data and automatically implement optimal decision-making protocols.

Aera’s decision-making platform enables global enterprises to gain business agility through digitization, artificial intelligence, and automation. Recently, the company released enhancements to its platform that improve decision-making capabilities and provide new features for understanding relationships and decision effectiveness. Aera believes that these enhancements will help businesses become smarter and more efficient.

The partnership will help companies develop intelligent systems that can react to changing market conditions quickly. The Azure Digital Twins service will use real-world data to augment and automate decisions. The partnership will also expand Aera’s ecosystem by incorporating third-party data services into its Cognitive Operating System. The integration of these services will improve the precision and accuracy of decision-making processes.

The Aera platform includes a developer environment that allows customers to build their own custom software. Besides this, the company also provides a vast library of pre-built Skills for various business applications. These skills combine data crawlers, content libraries, and data models with intelligent communication and write-back capabilities. The company’s management team is led by Fred Laluyaux, a serial entrepreneur who founded his first company at the age of 23. He also held executive positions at SAP and Business Objects.

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