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Consider These 8 Gifts If Your Kid Loves Airplanes

Many children are mesmerised by aeroplanes and enjoy collecting various items that are fun and practical to play with or even admire on a shelf. Aviation enthusiasts are everywhere, and if your kids are thrilled with aeroplanes, here are some of the best online gift ideas to surprise them with from the shopping experts.

1. Aeroplane Night Light

Here’s a gift that will light up a child’s bedroom at night and send them soaring into dreamland. An aeroplane night light made of acrylic and laser engraving with a wood base gives the illusion of a 3D effect.

It’s a handsome piece of aeroplane home decor that appeals to children of all ages and illuminates a room with a cosy vibe.

2. Airplane Movies

People love aviation so much that many movies have come out of Hollywood and entertained millions. Classic, family-friendly movies such as “Top Gun” and animated films are excellent for younger viewers.

“Planes,” for example, is a Disney animated movie that children will be drawn to. The star of the movie is Dusty, a crop duster from a small town who finds the courage to one day become a high-flying air racer.

“Memphis Belle” is another feel-good movie set in World War II that the entire family can watch, and it centres around America’s colossal B-17 flying fortresses known as “Memphis Belle”.

3. Airplane Die-Cast Models

Many children enjoy collecting cool stuff, and introducing them to aeroplane die-cast models from a pilot shop is another amazing type of aviation gift they will appreciate and hold on to.

These great-looking aeroplane models are easy to assemble and make for a growing collection. You can choose from a variety of famous airlines such as American, Delta, Southwest, Air Canada, etc.

4. Books About Airplanes

For some kids, reading is the preferred way for learning about aviation. There are tons of books you can buy that bring the world of wings to life. Start a little library of aviation for your child.

Some of the more popular titles for kids include the following:

  1. The Little Airplane by Lois Lenski
  2. Where Do Jet Planes Sleep At Night? by Brianna Caplan
  3. Good Night Planes by Adam Gamble
  4. Richard Scarry’s Planes by Richard Scarry
  5. Baby Loves Aerospace Engineering by Ruth Spiro

5. Airplane Tee Shirts

Adults aren’t the only ones who want to put on a comfy tee shirt that says something. Kids will never want to take off a cute aeroplane tee, and you can find these novelty tops online at Amazon in all colours and styles.

Walmart also sells kids’ aviation shirts that come in XS to XL.

6. Board Games With An Airplane Theme

Who doesn’t crave a great board game, especially when it has to do with aeroplanes?

Children excited about aviation will have a blast playing a game called U-Fly-It Air Traffic Controller, and it’s suitable for kids ages 10 and up. Four can play, and the board game centres around players trying to land their four planes at a busy airport.

Kids will take turns rolling a die to move their planes on the board. The planes must first get into the Holding Pattern, then into the Landing Pattern before they can land on their own hub (airstrip).

7. LEGO City Passenger Airplane

Talk about classic kids’ fun. LEGO is in the action, too, with its City Passenger Aeroplane. Children will spend hours entertained with the aeroplane playset and act out various scenarios.

Kids five and older will be able to put the airplane together and use their imaginations in the process.

8. Paper Airplane Kit

This is old-fashioned fun that has stood the test of time. Flying paper aeroplanes is a talent, and making them is a skill. Your kids will have a ball with their very own paper aeroplane kit. They can create and customise a fleet of their own. This makes for a fab stocking stuffer.

Bottom Line

It is awesome to see kids develop an interest in aviation. You could be looking at a future pilot, engineer, flight attendant, etc. Allow your child to dream big and explore “the Friendly Skies!”

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