Why Is Nobody Viewing My Video on YouTube?

It’s 2020. You’ve just thought of the most ingenious concept for a promotional film to use for your business, product, or personal endeavour. You spent tons of money and several late nights editing the video perfectly. When you finally clicked “Publish,” you were filled with hope and excitement at the prospect of sharing it with the world. It’s been weeks, but your YouTube video still needs to go viral. This is the worst possible scenario. Seeing all your hard work and all your money goes to waste makes you feel hopeless. You may be wondering why your YouTube video has received no views. In what way did you err? It has been estimated that daily YouTube video views average over 1.5 billion. As a result, you can rest assured that the potential for your business video exists. The first step is to determine why so few people watch your movies.

Some causes could include the following:

The first problem is that the preview image for your video is dull. The thumbnail for your video is the first thing people will see. They will only watch your video if it looks interesting. People will only click on your video if the thumbnail is high quality since they’ll presume the full video will look the same. With a good thumbnail, you will get views on YouTube, so be honest and rate your thumbnails out of ten. A score of 8 or lower indicates that more effort is required to stand out.

Repairing the Situation:

Use bespoke thumbnails that are a good fit for your brand and your promoting videos to make a solid first impression. You should also be confident to oversaturate or increase the contrast of the thumbnail.

When seen in a larger format than the thumbnail, it may appear to have been over-processed. Contrast and saturation are necessary because it is meant to be reduced to tiny dimensions. You mistagged the video. YouTube is a search engine like Google; thus, using them is the same. When users search for a video on YouTube, the results are filtered to show just those clips that best match the search terms. Your video’s ranking will increase if and only if search engines consider it to be highly relevant to their users’ queries.

Most people will watch the videos that appear higher in search engine results, while those that appear below will get almost no attention. That’s why your video must be appropriately optimised. This includes doing things like adding relevant tags to your video.

Repairing the Situation:

Search engines give more weight to the first tags inputted, so it’s essential to use precise keyword tags initially when establishing video tags. By specific tags, we are referring to the single-word tags that best represent the content of your video. An easy way to make tags is using Youtube optimisation software like VidIQ. Since the free version is so simple to work with, we utilise it for all our video productions. If you put in the time to use VidIQ for tag research, you will naturally see an increase in your YouTube views. Once you’ve done that, you can add the remaining video tags. Compound tags (which consist of multiple word tags) and generic tags are two different forms of tags (refer to what category the video falls under).

Your content quality is inconsistent.

I would like to know if your YouTube channel has a central theme. Do your video clips have appropriate captions? Can you describe your content strategy? If your YouTube channel has no subscribers and you respond no to all of the following questions, we have identified the problem. When people can’t predict what they’ll see next from you on YouTube, they may become frustrated. People still determining what to expect from your YouTube channel are less likely to subscribe. Your video’s ranking may suffer severely if you do this. The system gives tracks that regularly upload high-quality videos a higher priority. Your channel’s view and subscriber counts will be proportional to the quality of the videos you upload. Having zero YouTube views is terrible, but even a little consistency may have a considerable impact.

Repairing the Situation:

The best way to ensure that your YouTube videos appear towards the top of search results is to commit to a regular publishing schedule. To improve your SEO, publish only relevant material and use your target keyword at least three times inside a 200-word description. This is usually the case if a YouTube video has had little or no views.

Your video starts unclear or slowly.

Most modern audiences have a brief attention span. Therefore, you need to make the most of those few seconds. They will only stick around if your video’s introduction is clear and clear. The worst part is that if they find one of your videos dull, they may not even bother checking out the rest of your channel.

Repairing the Situation:

Use the video’s opening seconds to grab the viewer’s attention. Do this by showing out the video’s central message immediately away. It’s also a good idea to address the problem that the tape will fix for the viewer. Also, start the video with a dramatic scene, character, or message.

Losing all of your YouTube viewers is not the end of the world. Though annoying, this issue can be resolved in a variety of ways. But just like anything else, you first need to figure out why people aren’t interested in watching your videos. The explanations above are only a few of the many potential reasons. If any of the solutions provided don’t address the issue you’re having with your video, you should try to learn more about the cause of the problem.

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