Should I Choose Managed or Unmanaged VPS Hosting?

Managed Hosting: What Is It?

With managed hosting, a client’s server-side hosting requirements are taken care of by a separate hosting company. The hosting provider typically handles the following elements of the hosting:

  1. deployment
  2. configuration
  3. maintenance
  4. administration
  5. troubleshooting
  6. monitoring

This might include everything from managing essential services (such as the web server and SSH access) to application-specific assistance, depending on the hosting plan. Typically, the scope of assistance you may expect increases with the price of a managed hosting solution.

Unmanaged VPS hosting – what is it?

Unmanaged VPS hosting means hosting services without any management or supervision. Therefore the hosting company is not in charge of the servers’ hardware, software, or security. As there is no one to assist you if something goes wrong, this hosting can be risky. Unmanaged VPS hosting can also be costly because you’ll have to pay for hosting services and any server upgrades or maintenance.

Which Should You Select?

You are now aware that Managed and Unmanaged VPS both have their advantages. It is advisable to choose unmanaged hosting if you are a techie, have experience operating servers, and have free time. While managing a VPS server can be a difficult task if you are a novice or a startup that has to concentrate on expanding its business.

You receive technical support from a managed VPS, saving you crucial time. This enables you to concentrate on your key goals, such as leading your team, creating income, cultivating customer relationships, etc. Unmanaged VPS will be more appropriate if you are concerned about costs and are familiar with the server and its management.

Even if managed VPS is a little more expensive than self-managed VPS, its cost has decreased over time, and users now believe it is safe and dependable to get a managed VPS from a hosting provider.

Also, managed hosting is preferred if setting up the server takes a lot of time and will impact your organization.  There is no harm in choosing an unmanaged VPS if you fully accept responsibility for the security of your server and are convinced that it will be protected from internet threats.

What situations call for a VPS?

For individuals who desire an independent server with greater power than shared hosting but don’t require an entire dedicated server, VPS hosting is the ideal option.

How do I select the best VPS plan?

If you’re still unsure whether to buy a managed or unmanaged VPS, asking yourself the following questions can help you make up your mind:

  1. Can you operate a server independently?
  2. Are you going to be able to handle the server maintenance?
  3. Do you require a particular OS or piece of software on the server?
  4. Do you have the time to run the server by yourself?

How secure is VPS hosting?

Because VPS hosting is separate from other virtual servers, it is a safer and more reliable option. It provides a more solitary environment, greater independence, and privacy. A VPS is ideally a more secure option because other service customers cannot access your files and databases on the same server. 

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