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How to See Your Friends Wishlist on Steam

If you’re searching for a gift for your friends on Steam, their wishlist can help guide your selection. Plus, it lets you see if any discounts are available which could save money in the long run. Plus, find out what your friend would like for their birthday or other special occasion by viewing their wishlist.

How to View Your Friend’s Wishlist

In order to view a friend’s Steam wishlist, you need their account. This can be done by visiting their profile or adding them as a friend. Alternatively, you could ask them to share their list with you so that it’s visible for all.

Add a Game to Your Friends’ Wishlist

Adding games to a friend’s Steam wishlist is free of charge. All you need to do is go to their profile and click “Games,” where you’ll be taken directly to their wishlist with all the titles they plan on playing in the future. You can filter this list according to price, rank order, top selling titles or other criteria to narrow down your choices even further.

How to Gift a Game From Your Friends’ Wishlist

If your friend has their wishlist set private, you won’t be able to view it. But if they give you permission, you can still add a game to it and send it via email or steam message.

How to Access Your Friends’ Wishlist on Steam

Steam not only offers an excellent platform for gaming, but it also has several unique features that make it a fun place to hang out. One such feature is the wishlist, which allows you to keep tabs on your gaming friends’ interests. This comes in handy during holidays and birthdays when it’s important to know what gifts your loved ones would enjoy receiving.

How to Access Your Friends’ Steam Wishlist On PC

If your friend has Steam installed, open it and log in. From there, go to their profiles and select which game to give them as a gift. If not already, enter their first name, message, sentiment and signature – even add some personalization by writing them a heartfelt note! That way, everyone feels special!

How to Access Your Friends List From the Web

If you use Steam’s web version, you can view your friend’s wishlist by clicking on the link at the bottom of their game page. This link is under their level and current online status and may take some time to load depending on how many games are on there.

How to Access Your Friend’s Game History

If your friend has a Steam account, you can view their game history by going to their profile and clicking “Games.” This will display all of their recent titles including those they haven’t played yet as well as some favorites and unfinished projects.

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