Give relief to your Morbid Curiosity — Craziest Crime Documentaries

Have you ever been asked about your guilty pleasure and couldn’t answer because you like to watch crime shows and documentaries in your free time? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, psychology says that morbid curiosity is a widespread psychological attribute. That means our craving to hear or watch crime stories is a common trait most of us possess. And no, that doesn’t mean that we would turn into psychopaths.

Watching crime stories releases feelings of thrill and addictive stimulation – almost like a child on a rollercoaster. It also gives awareness to the public and lets them experience lifelike crimes to prepare for them. Moreover, the mystery of solving the murder provides a kind of adrenaline rush that keeps us all going.

The following article entails the popular documentaries that are easily available on Hulu. Though, if you’re not in the USA, you might be unable to access it due to geo-restriction. For example, if you’re somewhere in Asia, you must use a VPN to unblock your access. So, with a VPN, you can easily stream any of your desired platform from anywhere. In case of any error, you can cross-check what is my IP address to ensure whether you are connected with VPN client server or not.


  • Director: Ursula Macfarlane
  • Starring: Harvey Weinstein (archive footage), Benjamin Brafman (archive footage), Hope Exiner D’Amore
  • Year: 2019

In this documentary, we see the graceful rise and disgraced fall of a famous Hollywood director, Harvey Weinstein, for the crime of sexual abuse. The popular faces in the Hollywood industry come together to report and give a statement about a crime committed against them.

The documentary is filled with interviews with the victims and the perpetrator to contextualize the crime. The criminal is described as someone who uses their authority to conduct sexual advances over weaker targets. This documentary highlights many pre-existing predators in the entertainment industry who are set free because of their power and command.

Captive Audience: A Real American Horror Story

  • Creator: Jessica Dimmock
  • Starring: Todd Eric Andrews, Kay Stayner, Ashley Stayner
  • Year: 2022

This one is based on 3 episodes where Steven Stayner, a 7-year-old child, is kidnapped for eight years until he escapes with courage. He reunited with his family in 1980. His family’s constant worry about Steven was doubled with their appearance on the TV broadcast, but it went away after Steven was found. Until four women were illegally captured around Yosemite National Park. With the women’s case leading to the Stayner family, they are brought into the media again.

This documentary speaks of the horrifying truth that all of us sometimes ignore. For example, with two brothers in the family, people would think that they are nice, but it only applies to one of them.

The Murder of Laci Peterson

  • Cast: Ted Rowlands, Gloria Gomez, Nancy Grace
  • Creator: Emily Dillon Berry
  • Year: 2017

A bone-chilling story of Laci Peterson, who disappeared on Christmas Eve 2002 in Modesto, California. When she was kidnapped, she was eight-month pregnant. Her search lasted for four months with the cooperation of her husband until they discovered the dead body of Laci Peterson and her unborn child.

Without any solid evidence, the detectives studied the case, and it led Laci’s husband when his facade started to crack. To this day, it is still a mystery whether the husband is guilty or not. This documentary is proof of people’s internal beasts.

Fyre Fraud

  • Directors: Jenner Furst, Julia Willoughby Nason
  • Creator: Billy McFarland, Jake Horowitz, Polly Mosendz
  • Year: 2019

Though nobody was hurt in this documentary, Fyre Fraud explores a modern-day con where a sensational festival gets turned into a dark joke. We think that if a festival is happening, the organizers would be kind enough to make the venue better and filled with fun. Especially when it is on an island, people will buzz with excitement.

But that was not the case for the Fyre Festival. It was a fraud to steal people’s money and give them nothing. Moreover, people were stranded on an unknown island, with no way back and some sad sandwiches to eat.

Dead Asleep

  • Director: Skye Borgman
  • Cast: Poppy Dixon, Marisa Clifford, Nelesh Dhand
  • Year: 2021

This documentary follows the trial of the accused, Randy Herman Jr., who murdered his roommate and blamed it on his sleepwalking actions. The director digs into the criminal’s past as the jurors react with shocked and confused emotions.

After watching this documentary, you will be left scratching your head because sleepwalking is a form of involuntary action. Sleepwalking is done when the person is unconscious. And murdering someone takes full control of the mind. Yes, you are as confused as we are.

A Wilderness of Error

  • Director: Marc Smerling
  • Cast: Errol Morris, John Morgan, Clay Boulware
  • Year: 2020

From a house comes a blood-curdling scream when the residents of the surrounding houses call the security forces. Upon arrival, bloody dead bodies are discovered of a pregnant Colette MacDonald and her two daughters, Kimberley and Kristen. Their bodies were reported to be stabbed over 20 times, with the man of the family lying next to the corpses.

As an army captain and physician, Jeffrey MacDonald states that the crime scene was made evident by four drugged ‘hippies.’ After nights of case studies and law enforcing institutes probing the case, MacDonald is sentenced guilty and sent to prison. The case was publicly broadcasted and has turned into a true crime story. But after spending many years in jail, is MacDonald really the murderer?

Wrapping Up

The crime documentaries are far from wrapping up, with the World discovering uglier than ugly crimes every day. But with your curiosity on board, these crimes are out to showcase and raise awareness. A monster doesn’t live under our bed anymore; it lives among us.

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